Kosovo Institute of Management (KIM) is a institute designed to help you educate yourself about advanced management concepts. This manifesto will show you how to substantially increase your knowledge of business on your own time and with little cost, all without setting foot inside a classroom.

The PMBA is more flexible than a traditional MBA program, doesn't involve going into massive debt, and won't interrupt your income stream for two years. Just pick up one of these business books, learn as much as you can, discuss what you learn with others, then go out into the real world and make great things happen.

Integral Life is the Integral Institute’s management organization. Integral Life offers the most effective process in the world for self-growth and awareness. Considered by some people as the leading edge of evolution and humanity's next step, its mission is to awaken humanity to the greatest potential of living freely and fully: deep meaning, authentic relationships, spiritual enlightenment and loving awareness. Integral Life offers upwards of a million people throughout the world its media products, online articles and spiritual practices, social networking community, events, and accredited advanced degree programs.

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