My Favorite Top 7 Inspirational and Uplifting Videos

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1. Tony Robbins at TEDtalk

22 short minutes of a, as usual, pumped up and enthusiastic Tony Robbins. In the video he talks about the six human needs while having a bit of fun with Al Gore who’s in the audience.

2. Team Hoyt

Team Hoyt, father and son from Massachusetts, has competed in 66 marathons, in 229 triathlons, climbed mountains and trekked across America.

One really inspiring story.

3. Matt does happy dance across the world

In 2003 Matt Harding started traveling around the world. Some months into the trip he got the idea to dance in every country and record it on camera. In 2005 he got sponsorship from a chewing gum manufacturer and went on another trip through 39 countries.

This awesomely uplifting video with Matt happy-dancing across the globe is the compiled result. You can’t help but smiling while watching it.

Bonus: More recently Matt did another trip and now he got people to dance with him. :)

4. Steve Jobs - Stanford commencement speech

Perhaps the most watched and popular video on this list. It’s a moving and inspiring commencement speech that Steve Jobs gave to the graduating students of Stanford University in 2005.

He spends his 14 and a half minutes at the podium talking about his own experience in school, about being fired from Apple and about life and death.

5. Why you are supposed to sing or dance while your music is being played

A quick 2 minutes and 21 seconds of goodness. A short South Park-like video put together with a recording of philosopher Alan Watts.

In the video he makes a great point about life. Something to keep in mind so you don’t wind up bitter and feeling like life is just empty and pointless. Or get stuck in always wanting to get to the future.

6. Look me in the eyes - Michael Jordan & Nike

Many of the Nike commercials that Michael Jordan have done together with Nike are really inspiring short films. Here is one of my personal favorites.

7. Trust me on the sunscreen

Back in 1999 director Baz Luhrman (the guy that made Moulin Rouge and the Claire Danes-version of Romeo & Juliet) made a popular spoken word-song called Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen).

They played it over and over on the radio and on MTV for what must have been months. I even bought and still have the now dust-covered single somewhere in my bookcase. It’s still kinda awesome in it’s own insightful way.

What is your favorite inspirational and uplifting video?

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